A word from our founders.

Hello World,

We're beyond excited to announce the launch of SafeOpt!

AddShoppers started 6 years ago as a social sharing platform with revenue attribution, capturing customer data so marketers could get closer to the allusive 1:1 marketing goal. As our popularity grew, we quickly learned through our conversations with brands that their data decisioning and targeting capabilities were far less sophisticated than we ever imagined. We also learned that effectively monetizing data requires tremendous scale.

Companies like BlueKai, Exelate, and other data aggregators found scale through partnerships with companies like AddThis, ShareThis, and other "free" tools that pooled their data together for advertisers. This 'data stew' enabled basic media campaigns like:  "All customers in Texas interested in travel", "anyone shopping for a car", etc.. As marketers got a taste of audience data's potential, they were left wanting more.

Meanwhile, consumers started getting paranoid about what companies knew and annoyed by what they didn't. Everywhere they went those pair of red shoes would follow.  Every time they went to Facebook, that car company they searched for once would show them the latest model.  But what if the consumer didn't want those red shoes -- how could they make it stop?  What if they had already purchased a car? "Is Apple/Google/Amazon/Facebook listening to every conversation?" "Who thinks I'm into crypto because I'm reading this?"   

We believe consumers should own and control the data companies collect and store today. Ownership happens through edit-ability, permission, and incentives to keep records accurate.

We also believe consumers benefit from informed marketers making better decisions. Millions of people watch Apple's events, proving that consumers are willing participants when marketing is done well.

The market for audience data must evolve and we created SafeOpt to facilitate this change.

With the current AddShoppers network's scale of over 100 million in-market consumers per month, our household brands, and passion for improving the "madtech" ecosystem, we believe we are uniquely positioned to pursue this opportunity.

We hope you'll come on this journey with us as we set out to fix the Consumer experience on both sides of the marketplace.

To the future,

Chad Ledford & Jon West