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SafeOpt® is a free service that enables you to browse online anonymously while magically unlocking offers from 5,000+ privacy conscious brands.

By joining SafeOpt®, I agree to receive offers from our brand partners, the Terms, and Privacy Policy.


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Automagically unlock exclusive offers in your inbox and while you shop online at the brands you love.

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Just sign up once and receive exclusive offers directly from brands – works for all web browsers and devices!

Control Your Data


Get transparency and control over how
brands are using your data. Claim your data and manage subscription preferences from thousands of brands all from one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SafeOpt® work?

When you enter your email and join SafeOpt®, our technology makes note of the device you’re using and generates a secure anonymous ID. When one of our brand partners that also has our technology installed on their website sees your device, they know to show your ID promotions and offers not generally available to the broader public. No more (expired!) coupon hunting and things to install -- just a seamless shopping experience with delightful surprises for you!

Do you sell my data to third parties?

NO! We will not share your email address or any other personally identifiable information (PII) to any third-parties. Our system allows for brands to contact you only after you have engaged on their website and without ever exposing your contact information to the brand unless you explicitly opt-in directly on the brand’s website.

Do I need to install anything? 

Nope! There are no browser plugins or apps to install. Simply enter your email, click a button, and shop online as you normally would. It’s as easy as it gets.

What types of promotions can I expect?

Anything is possible! We’ve seen exclusive discounts to free shipping to gifts to early-release products for our users. We encourage brands to treat our sought-after shoppers not only differently, but better.

Do I receive something every time I visit one of your brands?

Not necessarily. You should think of this as a pleasant surprise. We encourage brands to engage early and often but ultimately it’s up to them.

How do I manage my data and opt-in preferences?

Enter your email into the Privacy Preferences Center and you will receive an email with a link to manage your settings per brand. You will only see opt-in status for brands that you’ve interacted with as well as your opt-in status for the entire network.


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By joining SafeOpt®, I agree to receive offers from our brand partners,
the Terms, and Privacy Policy.